Quality Assistant/Assistant Quality Engineer

We are searching for a Quality Assistant who will assist the Quality Manager with the creation, maintenance, and improvement of an ISO 13485 Quality System and other regulatory affairs. Level of Experience: Entry-Level Responsibilities Assist with document control processes and procedures. Assist with internal and external auditing processes. Support the preparations for regulatory submissions for […]

Applied Cells Inc. and GenScript Enter Strategic Collaboration to Deliver Combined Solutions for Cell Therapy Development

Santa Clara, California, and Piscataway, New Jersey – November 18th, 2022. Today, Applied Cells Inc. and GenScript USA Incorporated announced their strategic collaboration to deliver combined cell isolation solutions for cell therapy drug development worldwide. Under this collaboration, GenScript will develop and supply its proprietary research and cGMP grade CytoSinct™ reagents for use in developing […]

从全血中直接分离高纯度 CD138+浆细胞

骨髓浆细胞(BM)的细胞遗传学特异性特征是诊断和监测多发性骨髓瘤(MM)的一种常见的基因检测方法。多发性骨髓瘤患者的浆细 胞比例从1%到100%不等。尽管有些研究显示外周血中循环浆细胞(CPCs)比在骨髓中的风险低100倍以上,但由于其样本采集的侵入性 较低,它们的存在仍被认为是多发性骨髓瘤患者预后的一个重要标志。然而,耗时的样品制备步骤和在此过程中大量的细胞损失仍是一 个重大的挑战。MARS®平台通过一种简单的方法从外周血中分离CD138+浆细胞,而不需要RBC裂解和密度梯度离心。