/ Application Note

Enhanced Rare Cell Sorting Capability Enabled by MARS and WOLF 

MARS acoustic technology utilizes active-microfluidics acoustics for the separation of sample particles without labeling, based only on the difference in their physical parameters. The isolated cells are ready for negative MARS MAG selection, where cells bound to magnetic beads are captured in flow channels, without the need for dedicated columns. Combining the two technologies, MARS enables rare cell enrichment from peripheral whole blood or bone marrow without manual PBMC preparation and the controlled process leads to unprecedented recovery.

The NanoCellect WOLF Cell Sorter uses microfluidic-based sorting with robust laser-excitation. WOLF’s microfluidic channel is gentler than any conventional cell sorter or flow cytometer, allowing for sorting cells with improved cell viability. It is an intuitive instrument with fixed optics and no fluidics cart, providing less complexity, less clean-up, and more time forexperiments.

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