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Cell separation made simple.

MARS uses active-microfluidic acoustics and magnetic separation technologies to isolate targeted cells from whole blood, apheresis, and bone marrow samples. 

MARS is modular and customizable

Functional modules meet every user’s unique cell separation and sample preparation need, and allow customization in both the overall work flow and each individual processing step.

Cell Separation

MARS Cell Separation

Sample Prep & Cell Separation​

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Sample Prep

Parallel Sample Processing​

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Parallel Cell Separation​

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MARS - A Multiphysics Approach for Complete Cell Preparation & Isolation

MARS incorporates Applied Cells’ proprietary acoustic active-microfluidics and immune-magnetic separation technologies

Acoustic Cell Manipulation

Acoustic force separates particles based on the difference in physical parameters (size, etc.) with high speed within MARS CPC (Cell Processing Chip)

In-Flow Immuno-Magnetic Cell Separation

In-Flow Immune-Magnetic Cell Separation
  • MARS immuno-magnetic cell separation targets specific cell surface markers
  • In-flow magnetic cell separation of MARS uses no column

MARS Cell Separation

Sample Prep & Cell Separation

2x Wash / Concentration Modules
1x Magnetic Separation Module
  • Fully automated / walk-away workflow
  • Process up to 10 mL whole blood/run
  • Sample Flow Rate: 1 mL/min

MARS Sample Prep

Parallel Sample Processing

3x Wash / Concentration Modules

  • Process up to 3 samples in parallel

  • Fast & easy prep of complex samples
  • Sample Flow Rate: 1 mL/min


Parallel Cell Separation

3x Magnetic Separation Modules
  • Purify & enrich up to 3 samples in parallel
  • Fully automated / walk-away workflow
  • Sample Flow Rate: 1 mL/min

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MARS Workflow

MARS delivers performance and consistency.

Cells in blood or tissue samples are separated and extracted with high purity, close to zero loss and high with viability, enabling countless down-stream applications such as cellular and genomic analysis to meet your cell therapy needs.

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Cell Therapy

Run positive and negative magnetic isolation of rare cells, CTC, DTCs and MRDs to achieve the highest recovery and cell purity.

Tumor Biology

Choose one of MARS gentle, centrifuge-free and Ficoll-free workflows for immunoselection of TIL, T Cells, NK cells Neutrophils or Stem cells.


Easy and fast debris removal to feed genomic platforms with enriched cells from samples including Whole Blood, tumor, PMBC, solid tissue and many others.

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