CD138+ Plasma Cell Enrichment directly from Bone Marrow

CD138 expression is a crucial marker in diagnosing plasma cell tumors and Multiple Myeloma cells. Traditionally, the evaluation of plasma cells from bone marrow involves a time-consuming and labor-intensive density gradient separation method using ficoll. However, this method leads to the loss of antigens, including CD138, from the plasma cell surface, necessitating immediate staining and […]


近年来,多能造血干细胞(HSC)治疗因其一系列的具有希望的疗效已成为一种流行的技术。广泛的可能性使这种前沿治疗方法成 为现代医学的转折点。该技术面临的其中一个公认的挑战是为移植快速获得足够数量的高纯度的所需细胞类型。目前,耗时的样 品制备步骤和在此过程中大量细胞损失仍然是一个重大的挑战。MARS®平台通过一种简单的方法从激活的血液中分离CD34+细胞,而不需要RBC裂解和密度梯度离心。

从全血中直接分离高纯度 CD138+浆细胞

骨髓浆细胞(BM)的细胞遗传学特异性特征是诊断和监测多发性骨髓瘤(MM)的一种常见的基因检测方法。多发性骨髓瘤患者的浆细 胞比例从1%到100%不等。尽管有些研究显示外周血中循环浆细胞(CPCs)比在骨髓中的风险低100倍以上,但由于其样本采集的侵入性 较低,它们的存在仍被认为是多发性骨髓瘤患者预后的一个重要标志。然而,耗时的样品制备步骤和在此过程中大量的细胞损失仍是一 个重大的挑战。MARS®平台通过一种简单的方法从外周血中分离CD138+浆细胞,而不需要RBC裂解和密度梯度离心。

High Purity Plasma CD138+ Cell Isolation straight from Whole Blood

Characterization of Plasma Cells in Bone Marrow (BM) for cytogenetic abnormalities is a common genetic test to diagnose and monitor multiple myeloma (MM). Plasma cells in MM patients vary in proportion from <1% up to 100%. Even though Circulating Plasma Cells (CPCs) burden in peripheral blood is reported to be >100-fold lower than in BM, their presence […]

High Efficiency Separation of CD34+ HSC from Mobilized Blood

In recent years multipotent haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) therapy has become a popular technique with a range of promising health benefits. A broad variety of possibilities makes this cutting-edge therapy a turning point in modern medicine. One of the recognized challenges is the ability to quickly obtain a sufficient number of desired cell types for transplantation, with […]

A New Approach for High Recovery and Purity Isolation of Plasma Cells from Whole Blood

Characterization of Plasma Cells in Bone Marrow for different cytogenetic abnormalities is a common genetic test to diagnose and monitor cell malignant disease such as multiple myeloma (MM). Plasma cells in MM patients varied in proportion from <1% up to 100%. For the less invasive sample collection, circulating plasma cells (CPCs) in peripheral blood have emerged as an important […]