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AACR 2024: A Novel Automated Platform for Rapid Manufacturing of CAR-T Cells

Autologous cell therapy using T cells that are genetically modified to express a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) has yielded durable responses in patients with cancers. However, globally only a small fraction of eligible patients are privileged to receive the treatment. High cost and long manufacturing time contribute to the key limitations prohibiting a broad adoption of the therapy. Researchers have discovered that reduction of ex vivo culture improves the anti-tumor activity of CAR-T cells and recently demonstrated the process of generating functional CAR-T cells within 24 hours.

This rapid process provides great promise in reducing the cost of CAR-T therapy and making it possible to have cells manufactured in close-to-patient settings. The CAR-T cell manufacturing process involves: (1) collection of peripheral blood; (2) isolation of T cells; (3) performing transduction via viral vector; (4) washing CAR-T cells to remove viral vector, and (5) harvesting CAR-T cells in IV fluid. Conventional process uses magnetic separation and serial centrifugation technologies on multiple platforms with manual operations.

Here we demonstrate the feasibility of rapid manufacturing CAR-T cells on an automated platform with closed fluidics and without any centrifugation step. The platform, MARS® Atlas, incorporates innovative technologies including column-free immuno-magnetic cell isolation, acoustic cell washing, and modular workflow.


This poster was presented at the AACR World Congress 2024 in San Diego, CA.

AACR 2024 poster introducing A new Automated MARS Platform for Rapid Manufacturing of CAR-T Cells by Applied Cells