Cell Therapy

Sample prep PLUS cell selection, immune cells, +/- selection


The MARS® platform is the ideal companion for cell therapeutics. The integrated sample prep and magnetic separation modules enables cell wash, concentration, and separation in one, fully automated workflow. The system offers high cell recovery, which means fewer days for cell expansion, shortening the vein-to-vein time.  The matrix-free magnetic column reduces dead volume and trappage while the gentle processing of cells reduces exhaustion. MARS is high throughput, processing samples 1mL/minute.

MARS is the cost-effective solution for cell separation from small to large volume (10uL to 100’s mLs) in complex samples such as white blood cells, frozen PBMCs, apheresis, solid tumor and bone marrow.  The system provides both positive and negative selection.

The Complete Solution for Cell Therapy Development

From rare cells to T-cells, the MARS system can isolate target cells with high recovery, high purity, and high reproducibility (3H Solution). Our proprietary technology provides enabling research and cost-effective clinical, automated solutions to the fields of Cell and Nuclei Enrichment, Tumor Biology, and Cell Therapy with full automation for every lab.

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INTRODUCING MARS – The Breakthrough Cell Separation Platform

MARS WORKFLOW – Rare Cell Isolation from Whole Blood

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A Multiphysics Approach for Complete Cell Preparation and Isolation Supporting Tumor Biology, Immunotherapeutics Development and Genetic Testing

Isolation of Cells Made Easy on MARS
  • Wash and concentrate WBCs from whole blood in < 11 minutes with 98% viability without Ficoll or centrifugation
  • Isolate rare cells (CTCs, DTCs, etc.)
  • Isolate T cells (or other PBMC subpopulations)

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