Cell Therapy Development: End-to-End solution

Standardize your process from Small to Large Scale Cell Isolation

MARS Immune Cell Isolation

CAR-T Therapy

In the past twenty years, T cell-based immunotherapies have greatly revolutionized the field of cancer treatment and enormous efforts have been devoted to developing new drugs as well as improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes. At AC, we provide researchers with technological solutions promising flexibility and scalability.


CD138+ Plasma Cell isolation

Stem Cell Therapy

Multipotent haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) therapy is a popular technique with a range of promising health benefits. One of the recognized challenges is the ability to quickly obtain a sufficient number of desired cell types for transplantation, with high purity. We address it through an easy method to isolate CD34+ cells from fresh or mobilized blood without RBC lysis and density gradient centrifugation.


How we support you

1 Contact us
Every project kicks off with a conversation.
3 Project plan
Based on our discussion, we will create an action plan. Once approved, we will define project deliverables and together we will give the final shape to the project schedule, deadlines and milestones. We start by defining detailed specifications and planning the timelines for delivering your project.
2 Meeting
No two projects are the same. During the meeting, we will discuss topics ranging from needs, challenges, timelines and budget, to expected project outcomes. We thrive to spend time with our customers, understand their needs and think of creative ways to develop a new workflow.
4 Execution
We work closely with our partners to translate their needs into final deliverables.Our team works according to the schedule, designing and testing experiments, and optimizing the solution. We first build a prototype workflow and then refine it until it becomes the final product.
5 Analyze and learn
Once obtained, we analyze and discuss results to ensure the workflow matches our goals. Some projects are a little more time-intensive, but we always make sure waiting is worth it. After the project is finished, we’ll continue working closely with you to ensure the protocol is reproducible, and your team is thoroughly trained.

Our Team

Our main drive is to help researchers achieve their goals, and transfer knowledge and experience, opening doors to new solutions.

Whether we are with a small research lab or supporting a cell manufacturing company, we are always looking for a way to innovate, improve the process and identify new opportunities. Our focus has allowed us to work on fascinating projects in the USA, Europe and Asia, and has led us to establish this end-to-end solution.

Every day we challenge ourselves to push the limits of what’s possible in MARS® platform development. Each team member and business partner brings a unique blend of talent, passion and expertise to the table, and we all share the values of the research community.

Our technology

MARS® Bar is an in-flow immunomagnetic cell isolation platform. It doesn’t require magnetic columns and enables the sterile collection of both positive and negative fractions in separate bags. 

The platform enables an easy and flexible transition from RUO process development to large scale isolation.

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