CD3/28 T cell Isolation

using IngenuityTM CD3/CD28 Microbeads for T cell isolation and activation

Streamlined and Time-Saving CD3/CD28 T cell Isolation and Activation

Unlocking the full potential of CAR T cell therapy demands a streamlined approach to manufacturing. At Applied Cells, we recognize the critical role that efficient T cell isolation plays in enhancing therapy effectiveness and expanding accessibility and our innovative solution is tailored to meet these demands head-on. The new IngenuityTM 4.5 μm beads were designed for cell isolation with automated MARS® Bar platform and this cutting-edge combination simplifies the isolation process, saving invaluable time without compromising performance. With the rising demand for improved isolation methods, our solution stands out. Experience the difference with our innovative approach.
from PBMC
Isolation from PBMC
from Whole Blood
Isolation directly from Peripheral Blood
CD3/28+ T Cells from PBMC
The seamless isolation process from (A) PBMC before separation to (B) enriched T cells using IngenuityTM CD3/CD28 microbeads. Positive selection of T cells with a 1:1 bead to T cell ratio on MARS® Bar yields an average recovery of 55.21% T cells with 97.66% purity from an initial average of 57.89%. Viability remains unaffected after selection (P<0.5). Utilizing the MARS® Bar platform, we efficiently deplete CD3/CD28 microbeads that are detached from T cells. After activating and culturing initially enriched T cells for 1~3 days, we performed microbead depletion at intervals of 24hr, 48hr, and 72hr. Following microbead depletion, recoveries of bead-free T cells reach 62.4%, 74.6%, and 93.2% from Day-0 yields.
CD3/28+ T Cells from Whole Blood
The positive selection of T cells using IngenuityTM CD3/CD28 microbeads at a 1:1 bead to T cell ratio on MARS® Bar: with an average recovery of 52.49% T cells and an average purity of 96.90% from an initial average T cell purity of 25.10% across 3 healthy donor samples, our method ensures superior results. Additionally, viability remains uncompromised after positive selection with IngenuityTM CD3/CD28 microbeads on MARS® Bar (P<0.5)
The activation of enriched T cells using the MARS® Bar platform: the culture of 1E6 T cells isolated by IngenuityTM CD3/CD28 microbeads at a 1:1 bead to T cell ratio in per mL cell culture media for 3 days. The progression of activation was monitored through the staining of T cell activation markers CD25 and CD69 at various time points: (A) immediately post-enrichment, (B) 24 hours, (C) 48 hours, and (D) 72 hours after enrichment. Over time, a significant increase in CD25 and CD69 expression was observed, indicating the dynamic activation process of the T cells.

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Unlocking CAR T cell therapy’s potential requires streamlined manufacturing. At Applied Cells, we understand the importance of efficient T cell isolation in enhancing therapy.

Our solution, using IngenuityTM 4.5 μm beads with the automated MARS® Bar platform, simplifies isolation, saving crucial time without sacrificing performance. Experience the difference with our innovative approach. Download our app note for a summary of data now!

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