Column-Free Immunomagnetic Cell Isolation

MARS® Bar System

A new standard for automated cell isolation, offering cost-effective solutions and unmatched performance for cutting-edge research and clinical applications.

Key features

Designed to optimize workflows seamlessly from the RUO lab bench to the GMP-certified clean rooms, MARS Bar provides flexibility and scalability, facilitating effortless protocol optimization on both small and large scales. Accommodating various sample types and volumes with minimal hands-on time, the system guarantees high purity and recovery rates while prioritizing gentle treatment to preserve cell viability.

Streamlined upscaling

Seamless transition from  lab bench (RUO) to clean room (GMP). 


Suited for a broad range of samples, volumes, and reagents.


Low sample and reagent consumption, with no need for dedicated columns.


Parallel Isolation

Tailored for parallel isolation of 1-3 samples …
Tailored for parallel isolation of 1-3 samples, accommodating a range of sample types and volumes starting at 0.5 ml, this MARS Bar configuration facilitates RUO cell isolation and rapid protocol optimization for cell therapy development, while maintaining high cell recovery and purity

Large Scale (Bag-In-Bag-Out)

Customized for cell isolation from bags, accommodates various samples…
Customized for cell isolation from bags, accommodates various sample types and volumes with virtually no upper limit. This MARS Bar configuration is designed to streamline cell therapy development, ensuring high cell recovery and purity in a rapid process.

Applied Cells column-free technology

Our proprietary in-flow technology of column-free immunomagnetic separation provides a highly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for cell separation. MARS magnetic separation eliminates the need for a matrix columns, reducing cell loss and delivering high cell purity and excellent recoveries for various samples. 

The MARS® Mag modules are supported by optimized protocols for automated cell enrichment or depletion, ensuring assay reproducibility. The technology also boasts unlimited capacity, as the captured cells are eluted cyclically at pre-defined time intervals until all cells are separated.

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