Redefining Cell Isolation

Introducing the MARS® Bar system, a breakthrough in in-flow Immunomagnetic cell isolation technology. Our systems offer positive and negative cell selection workflows, ensuring the separation of target cell subpopulations with exceptional purity, recovery, and viability.

MARS® is an open platform, accommodating various magnetic bead types, including those directly coated with antibodies tailored to your specific cell surface markers or molecules. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of cell isolation with MARS® – where innovation meets practicality, advancing research possibilities.

Built-in redundancy

Three independent modules ensure the functionality of a system, even in the unlikely event of a module clogging.

Matrix free Magnetic Technology

Our matrix-free magnetic column reduces dead volume and cell trapping for more efficient positive or negative cell enrichment and higher recovery.

In-line pressure sensors

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Module progress LED bar enabling remote monitoring of separation process

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Magnetic separation channel

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Multiple size tube holders

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Easy assay upscaling

MARS Bars systems demonstrated a consistent and simple scaling-up capacity.

MARS Bar Flex

A versatile instrument that can successfully isolate cells in a small scale for effective design of experiment (DOE) purposes.


Equipped with a Bag arm and pre-programmed for a repeated releasing cycles, provides the capacity to process billions of cells in a single closed system operation.

Fully internalized tanks in MARS Bar Flex for easy operation and transportation

Operate the control panel from a distance for use in bio-safety hood

Sampling mechanism enables multiple sample parallel processing

Compatible with 5ml, 15ml, and 50ml sample tubes

Technical Specifications

Magnetic Cell labelling
Containment 5mL, 15mL, 50mL, tubes Bags
Sample processing 1 sample each module
Max 3 samples in parallel
1 sample by 3 parallel channels
Sample types
Whole blood
Frozen PBMC's
Bone marrow
Dissociated Tissue
Isolation buffer MARS® MAG buffer
Isolation reagents
MARS MAG lines (RUO)
MARS Ingenuity Line (RUO, GMP)
Fluidics Open end tubing sets
Cleaning and sterilizartion protocols
Closed tubing set (Gamma radiated)
Positive isolation
Direct from Whole
Blood & Leukopak

Positive & negative tubing sets Same (program enabled change)
Protocol dependent; 0.5-6 ml/min
MARS® MAG in-flow technology
Separation channels Flex-BIBO scalable
Redundancy 3x Modules
Time to assemble tubing set <5min* <15min*
Time to initiate isolation <2min < 8min
Typical time to process 1e9 cells <20min (3 modules, single batch) <30min (25e6/mL)
Capacity 0.5 - 45 mL per module 20mL - 1L
Expandable > 1L
Max total cells processable No practical limit
Batched isolation
Operation in bio-safety hood N/A
Additional configuration Serial program N/A
Pre programmed protocols
Adjustable & lockable parameters
Tiered user rights
Logged UI events
Encrypted logs
Dimensions 20.5" W 16.5" D x 19,75" H
52cm W x 41 cm D x 50 cm H
20.5" W x 16.5" D x 28" H
52cm W x 52cm D x 74cm H
Weight 62 lb/ 28kg 59 lb/ 27 kg
* With standard training

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Specification pdf

Easily replaceable fluidic tubing set and fluidic components

Sterilizable and disposable

Explore MARS Applications

Cell Therapy

MARS® Bar platform supports your cell development process from end to end, from small-scale optimization, through easy upscaling, to cell manufacturing.

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tumor cell

Target Cell Isolation

Choose one of MARS gentle, centrifuge-free and Ficoll-free workflows for immunoselection of TIL, T Cells, NK cells Neutrophils or Stem cells.

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Cell and Nuclei Enrichment

Easy and fast debris removal to feed genomic platforms with enriched cells from samples including Whole Blood, tumor, PMBC, solid tissue and many others.

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