Target Cell Isolation

Flexible workflows for high cell purity and recovery


Improve Performance & Consistency in Your Cell selection Workflows. From rare cells to T-cells, the MARS system can isolate target cells with high recovery, high purity, and high reproducibility. Our unique approach enables research and cost-effective clinical solutions. MARS platform offers easy workflow to enrich cells in complex samples therefore enables breakthrough in detection limit in various cancer types.
Less manipulation means higher recovery and higher viability.

Plasma cell isolation

MARS® allows for the efficient isolation of Plasma cells (CD138+), empowering researchers to uncover new insights in Multiple Myeloma research. Users can isolate plasma cells directly from Bone Marrow, eliminating the need for time-consuming pre-processing steps.
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Stem cell isolation

Our streamlined approach saves valuable time and ensures high purity and optimal recovery rates of CD34+ HSC. MARS® platform supports a wide range of sample types, including peripheral blood, cord blood, bone marrow, and more. Learn more…

Tumor cell isolation

MARS Platform empowers researchers to efficiently isolate tumor cells, including disseminated tumor cells (DTC), circulating tumor cells (CTC), and minimal residual disease (MRD). Scientists can uncover valuable insights in oncology research with the flexibility to employ both acoustic debris removal and magnetic cell enrichment or depletion techniques. 

This versatility allows researchers to tailor their isolation approach based on their specific experimental requirements. You can achieve high purity and optimal recovery rates, ensuring reliable and accurate results with our fast and simple isolation process, eliminating unnecessary steps. We support a broad range of sample types, ranging from peripheral blood to bone marrow and tissue samples.

Immune cell isolation

The isolation of specific immune cell populations plays a crucial role in understanding their functions, interactions, and potential applications across various scientific disciplines. MARS® Platform enables straightforward isolation of a wide range of immune cells, including T cells, B cells, NK cells, Monocytes, Neutrophils, and others. Researchers can achieve high purity and recovery rates, ensuring reliable and precise results.
We offer support for diverse sample types, such as peripheral blood, cord blood, bone marrow, and leukopaks, catering to the unique research needs of scientists. Additionally, our bespoke reagents are designed to streamline the workflow, simplifying the cell isolation process and making it more efficient. By providing comprehensive support, we empower scientists to confidently delve into their investigations and make progress in their research endeavors.

Two powerful technologies

MARS Acoustic Wash

Acoustic debris removal is a label-free technique that utilizes acoustic waves to manipulate and separate cells based on their physical properties, including size and density. 

Unlike conventional approaches, acoustic debris removal offers ease of operation, gentle processing and high purity of separated cells. It is also excellent for handling delicate and fragile cell types and single nuclei in preparation for single-cell genomics experiments.

MARS Magnetic Separation

Our proprietary in-flow technology of column-free immunomagnetic separation provides a highly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for cell separation. MARS magnetic separation eliminates the need for a matrix columns, reducing cell loss and delivering high cell purity and excellent recoveries for various samples. 

The MARS® Mag modules are supported by optimized protocols for automated cell enrichment or depletion, ensuring assay reproducibility. The technology also boasts unlimited capacity, as the captured cells are eluted cyclically at pre-defined time intervals until all cells are separated.

MARS® system

Acoustic debris removal and In-flow Immunomagnetic cell isolation are two technologies for positive and negative cell selection workflows, that enable the separation of specific target cell subpopulations with high purity, recovery and viability. MARS® is an open platform, which means that is supports a range of magnetic bead types, including beads directly coated with antibodies against specific cell surface markers or a molecule, to best match your application and the target cell type you plan to isolate.

Discover MARS® Technology

Watch our webinar introducing MARS® platform and new approaches to sample preparation, that are gentle, efficient, and rapid solutions for easy sample preparation and cell manufacturing.

Three reagent lines

The Isolating cells with MARS® platforms has never been easier! You can use your preferred reagents or choose from Applied Cells’ reagent portfolio, greatly accelerating the isolation speed with optimized protocols, to maximize the outcomes of your experiments.


A line of reagents with anti-PE Magnetic nanobeads used for capturing PE-labeled subpopulations of White Blood cells. Use for isolating cell like: T cells, B cells, Monocytes, Neutrophiles, Rare Cells, MRDs, DTCs, and others.

MARS® MAG Premium Line

Launched in collaboration with STEMCELL Technologies, designed for exceptional purity and ease of use for isolating various cell types, such as granulocytes, NK cells, and plasma cells.

MARS® Ingenuity Line

A line offering a seamless transition from small, lab bench scale workflow to manufacturing-scale Cell Therapy development with reproducible performance. Includes RUO and GMP reagents for use in Cell Therapy Development projects.

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Cell Therapy

MARS® Bar platform supports your cell development process from end to end, from small-scale optimization, through easy upscaling, to cell manufacturing.

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Explore other MARS® Platform Applications

Cell and Nuclei Enrichment

Easy and fast debris removal to feed genomic platforms with enriched cells from samples including Whole Blood, tumor, PMBC, solid tissue and many others.

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