T cell Isolation from Whole Blood

using 50nm Superparamagnetic IngenuityTM Beads

Simplified, time-saving T cell isolation process directly from Whole Blood

The therapeutic efficacy of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells in hematologic malignancies underscores the urgency for a cost-effective manufacturing process. T cell isolation, a crucial upstream step, significantly influences T cell quality and therapy success.

Isolating T cells for CAR T cell therapy directly from whole blood, utilizing the  MARS® Bar platform and IngenuityTM 50nm beads, offers several advantages:
– it simplifies the process by reducing the number of required manipulations, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness
– saves time by eliminating the need for additional centrifugation and purification steps, crucial in urgent scenarios where fast production of CAR T cells is key.


Isolating T cells for CART cell therapy directly from whole blood, with MARS Bar platform, offers efficiency, co-effectiveness and saves time.

Isolation of T Cells Directly from Whole Blood

Through the unique capability to directly isolate T cells from whole blood, researchers can reliably achieve the separation of T cells with high purity and yield using the MARS® Bar platform technology.

Panel A shows flow cytometry plot of the Peripheral Whole blood sample prior to separation, Panel B presents the enriched T cells isolated directly from whole blood using IngenuityTM 50nm beads.

Starting with an initial average T cell purity of 21.73%, T cell positive selection using the IngenuityTM 50nm CD4 and CD8 beads on the MARS® Bar system resulted in an average recovery rate of 57.17% T cells with a mean purity of 89.17% (A, n= 4 samples).

Additionally, an evaluation of viability before and after the separation demonstrated no significant impact (P<0.5) on cell viability.

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T cell isolation, as the initial step in CAR T cell production, profoundly influences T cell quality and therapy success. Meeting the demand for high-performance T cell isolation necessitates innovative technology and products.

Download the App Note demonstrating T cell isolation using Applied Cells IngenuityTM 50nm beads, our proprietary column-free technology integrated into the closed automated system MARS® Bar revolutionizes this process.

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