MARS PE-anti-PE immunoseparation

Rapid No-Wash, Column-Free Cell Isolation

MARS MAG LINE is a family of reagents that use anti-PE Magnetic Nanobeads to capture PE-labeled subpopulations of white blood cells. The reagents have been shown to enable fast and easy isolation of T cells, B cells, Monocytes, Neutrophiles, Rare Cells, MRDs, DTCs, and many others. Developed exclusively for the MARS instrument MAG modules, together they provide an integrated cell isolation solution that is especially applicable to areas of immunophenotyping, tumor biologycell therapy, and cell and nuclei enrichment. Although magnetic cell separation is one of the simplest methods to isolate highly purified specific cells of interest, many solutions suffer from a requirement of complex protocols, low cell purity and/or recovery, or are expensive. MARS systems address these shortcomings and deliver a fast, gentle and efficient cell isolation.


A Typical ADD-ADD-RUN workflow includes 35 min of labeling and column-free cell isolation at the speed of 1ml/min. Compare this to multi-step protocols for other column-based assays. Using the MARS Bar instrument with 3 separate Magnetic modules you can process 3 independent samples in parallel.


Capture and purify any subpopulation of PE-labelled white blood cells with the highest recovery, with no need for subset-specific antibodies conjugated to magnetic beads.

Economical Solution

Typically, only 5 μL of beads allow capturing 1-1.5M of PE-labelled cells of interest from Whole Blood. Our solution means no need for RBC lysis, and the flexibility to use the same MARS anti-PE Nanobeads for capturing different PE-labeled cell populations.

Easy Workflow

Isolating cells with the MARS integrated solution uniquely allows for a no-lyse, no-wash protocol, greatly accelerating the isolation speed and providing gentle sample treatment.

  The simple ADD-ADD-RUN protocol is exquisitely easy.

MARS Reagents Workflow Diagram

Creating a custom MARS MAG LINE kit is easy, too.

Our flexible MAG LINE allows you to select the PE-conjugated antibodies for labeling cell subpopulation you want to purify and use them together with our universal MARS Anti-PE Magnetic Nanobeads. If you need a large quantity of MARS MAG LINE reagents, contact your sales rep for special discounted pricing.

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