MARS Acoustics

MARS active-microfluidics acoustics allow for label-free immune cells separation from lysed cell debris, dead cells, and other small particles. The acoustic force within MARS® CPC (Cell Processing Chip) separates particles based on differences in their physical parameters (size, etc.) with high speed. The CPC is tunable to preferably enrich desired cells. Isolated cells are ready for single-cell phenotypic and genomic analysis as well as expansion.

MARS Magnetic Separation

MARS immuno-magnetic separation modules separate cells bound to magnetic beads from cells unbound to magnetic beads in flow channels, without the need for dedicated columns. No matrix means that the dead volume is reduced, and a minimal number of cells are trapped in the system, leading to unprecedented recovery.

Built-in release cycle programmed to cyclically release cells bound to magnetic beads to the positive fraction offers an unlimited cell capacity and prevents clogging.

MARS Software

  • Tiered user access and user right control

  • Hardware encoded protocol access

  • Full touchscreen GUI

  • Designed to be FDA 21CFR11 compliant

  • Built-in camera enabled QR scanner

  • QR code enabled

    - Part and usage tracking
    - Automatic part conditioning
    - Protocol setting

Explore MARS Applications

Cell Therapy

MARS® Bar platform supports your cell development process from end to end, from small-scale optimization, through easy upscaling, to cell manufacturing.

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tumor cell

Target Cell Isolation

Choose one of MARS gentle, centrifuge-free and Ficoll-free workflows for immunoselection of TIL, T Cells, NK cells Neutrophils or Stem cells.

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Cell and Nuclei Enrichment

Easy and fast debris removal to feed genomic platforms with enriched cells from samples including Whole Blood, tumor, PMBC, solid tissue and many others.

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