T cell Isolation from PBMCs

using 50nm Superparamagnetic IngenuityTM Beads

Advancing T Cell Isolation for CAR T Cell Therapy with Column-Free Technology

The therapeutic efficacy of CAR T cells in hematologic malignancies underscores the urgency for a cost-effective manufacturing process. T cell isolation, a crucial upstream step, significantly influences T cell quality and therapy success. 50nm superparamagnetic particles offer superior efficiency and eliminate downstream removal needs. Despite their clinical traction, existing options often rely on cumbersome column-based separation methods. Applied Cells IngenuityTM 50nm beads with proprietary column-free technology in MARS® Bar automates and streamlines T cell isolation, promising enhanced efficiency and scalability for CAR T cell therapy.

T cell Isolation

Efficient Isolation of T Cells from PBMCs using the MARS® Bar Platform, with No Compromise in Viability.

Utilizing the MARS® Bar platform technology, researchers can reliably separate T cells of high purity and yield. Panel A represents peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) before the separation process, while Panel B showcases T cells enriched from PBMCs using IngenuityTM 50nm beads.

Starting from an initial average T cell purity of 49.92%, T cell positive selection was performed with the IngenuityTM 50nm CD4 and CD8 beads on the MARS® Bar system, resulting in an average recovery rate of 75.31% T cells with a mean purity of 91.68% (A, n= 12 samples).

Viability assessment before and after positive selection (B) revealed no significant impact (P<0.5) on cell viability, ensuring the integrity of T cells across the isolation process.

Robust Expansion of T Cells Enriched by IngenuityTM 50nm Beads Using MARS® Bar

T cells, enriched by IngenuityTM 50nm beads using the MARS® Bar platform, showed robust expansion in subsequent cell culture. The enriched T cells proliferated significantly, expanding over 112-fold by day 10 post-enrichment, following culturing the cells in T cell expansion medium supplemented with CD3/CD28 activator on standard cell culture plates. The substantial growth observed underscores the efficacy of T cell enrichment using Applied Cells’ workflow and highlights the potential for downstream applications in cellular therapies.

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The effectiveness of CAR T cell therapy in treating hematologic malignancies is well-established. However, widespread adoption of this therapy hinges on developing a cost-effective manufacturing process. Download the App Note demonstrating T cell isolation using Applied Cells IngenuityTM 50nm beads, our proprietary column-free technology integrated into the closed automated system MARS® Bar revolutionizes this process.

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