MARS® Ingenuity™ Reagents

Transforming Cell Therapy Development

Biodegradable reagents for immunomagnetic separation

MARS® Ingenuity™ Reagent kits provide comprehensive solutions for the global cell therapy research, development, and manufacturing. Developed with Research Use Only (RUO) and GMP-grade components, these kits offer a rapid and simple method for cell isolation, supporting therapies such as CAR-T, immune cell-based treatments, stem cell-based therapies, and cancer vaccine development on the MARS® Bar Platform.

MARS® Ingenuity™ Reagent kits include beads ranging from antigen-specific 50 nm biodegradable nano-beads to CD3/CD28 4.5 μm micro-beads, supporting diverse isolation requirements.

With the flexibility to isolate cells from various samples, including Leukopak, PBMC, and whole peripheral blood, without the need for a centrifuge, the kits save time and enhance operational efficiency.

Ingenuity Reagent Box Applied Cells

Creating a custom MARS MAG LINE kit is easy, too.

Our flexible MAG LINE allows you to select the PE-conjugated antibodies for labeling cell subpopulation you want to purify and use them together with our universal MARS Anti-PE Magnetic Nanobeads. If you need a large quantity of MARS MAG LINE reagents, contact your sales rep for special discounted pricing.