MARS® Ingenuity™ Line

Cell Therapy Development Reagents

Biodegradable reagents for immunomagnetic separation

An integrated cell isolation solution with the ability to easily transition from R&D-scale workflow to manufacturing-scale Cell Therapy development process with consistent and reproducible performance.

Perfected, antigen-specific paramagnetic nanoparticles are nanometer-sized, biodegradable, easy-to-use beads for immunomagnetic separation on column-free MARS® Bar instruments.

MARS® Ingenuity™ Line is a family of cell therapy isolation reagent kits aiming to deliver combined solutions for cell therapy drug development worldwide. One of our collaborators is GenScript USA Inc.,  

These kits include research and GMP reagents for fast and easy cell isolation supporting the development of CAR-T and other Cell Therapy products on the MARS® Platform.

End-To-End Solution for easy workflow upscaling

MARS® platforms deliver a fast, automated, gentle and efficient cell isolation upscaling for cell therapy development with simplified protocols that result in high cell purity and/or recovery,

Creating a custom MARS MAG LINE kit is easy, too.

Our flexible MAG LINE allows you to select the PE-conjugated antibodies for labeling cell subpopulation you want to purify and use them together with our universal MARS Anti-PE Magnetic Nanobeads. If you need a large quantity of MARS MAG LINE reagents, contact your sales rep for special discounted pricing.