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MARS® MAG Line of Reagents

MARS® MAG Line is a family of reagents that use anti-PE Magnetic Nanobeads to capture PE-labeled subpopulations of white blood cells. The reagents have been shown to enable fast and easy isolation of T cells, B cells, Monocytes, Neutrophiles, Rare Cells, MRDs, DTCs, and many others. Developed exclusively for the MARS instrument MAG modules, together they provide an integrated cell isolation solution that is especially applicable to areas of immunophenotyping, tumor biology, cell therapy, and genomics.

Although magnetic cell separation is one of the simplest methods to isolate highly purified specific cells of interest, many solutions suffer from a requirement of complex protocols, low cell purity and/or recovery, or are expensive. MARS systems address these shortcomings and deliver a fast, gentle and efficient cell isolation.

Brochure summarising MARS MAG line of immunomagnetic cell isolation reagents portfolio