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Column-Free CD14+ Monocyte Isolation using 50nm Superparamagentic Beads on MARS® Bar

Dendritic cells are professional antigen-presenting cells and they play a key role in the regulation of immune responses. Dendritic cells are widely used as vaccines and drugs for cancer treatment in a large number of trials. Macrophages are essential innate immune cells and when activated, macrophages can mediate the phagocytosis of dangerous cells or materials and participate in effective tissue regeneration. Thus, Ex vivo-generated macrophages have been used in clinical trials as cell-based therapies. Both dendritic cells and macrophages can be generated from monocytes in peripheral blood. To allow robust, reproducible, and simplified operation on monocyte isolation, new technology and products are demanded 

Conventional micron-sized beads are known to have low efficiency and require de-beads step; however, 50nm superparamagnetic particles have larger surface area and don’t have to be removed from cells for downstream applications. Commercially available 50nm magnetic beads have been used in clinical applications. However, the current commercially available 50nm magnetic beads must be used with columns for efficient separation. Here we present the CD14+ monocyte isolation using Applied Cells IngenuityTM 50nm beads with our propriety column-free technology on a closed automated system MARS® Bar. 

Application note showcasing Column-Free Monocyte Isolation using 50nm Superparamagentic Beads on MARS® Bar