Fast and Gentle Cell Isolation from Human Lung Tumor Biopsy Sample

MARS technology utilizes active-microfluidics acoustics for the separation of tissue sample particles without labeling, based only on the difference in their physical parameters. The system allows for the efficient removal of lysed cell debris, dead cells, and other small particles. The isolated cells are ready for single-cell phenotypic and genomic analysis as well as expansion. MARS […]

Fast and Efficient TIL Cells Isolation from a Lung Tissue Biopsy Sample

Efficient TIL cell isolation from biopsy samples is important for academic and clinical research. Using our newly developed MARS system (multi-physics automated reconfigurable separation) we demonstrated a label-free automated process to isolate TIL cells directly from a dissociated tissue sample. With MARS Separation, we separated tumor cells as well as dead cells and debris from TIL […]