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TCR γ/δ+ separation from TCR α/ß+ with MARS® Bar

In recent years T cell receptor (TCR) cell therapy has gained popularity due to a range of possible treatments for cancer and some infectious diseases it could provide. Since γδ T-cells constitute promising effector cell compartments for cancer immunotherapy, novel γδ T-cell-based immunotherapies are being developed. Although advancements in TCR engineering, manufacturing, and clinical applications have led to significant progress in the field, challenges in optimizing the TCR cell therapy development, efficacy, and safety remain. The MARS® platform provides an easy method to optimize and scale up γδ T-cells providing specialists with a new tool to help maximize the clinical potential of TCR therapies.

Application note highlighting benefits of TCR γ/δ+ separation from TCR α/ß+ with Applied Cells MARS Bar