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Acoustic cell separation platform for efficient preparation of single cell/nuclei suspension from complex samples for genomics analysis

The scale and capabilities of single-cell RNA-sequencing methods have expanded rapidly in recent years, enabling major discoveries and large-scale cell mapping efforts. Sample types go beyond simple cultured cell line cells and blood cells to all types of tissues: fresh or frozen. In certain cell types, single nuclei isolation is much easier than single cells and they are more resistant to physical stress, thus single nuclei have become another source for accessing genomic information.

The purity and integrity of single-cell/nuclei isolated from tissues are critical to the success of generating sequencing data at the single-cell resolution on commercial platforms. Conventionally developed isolation and clean-up protocols involve the use of many centrifugation steps, MACS or even FACS. The process is very time-consuming and costly. We have developed a high-speed Acoustic cell processing platform as part of our multi-physics approach to enable robust separation of single cells/nuclei from cellular debris and reproducible results from complex tissue samples.