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Simple magnetic cell separation enabled by an automated, closed system for both autologous and allogenic cell therapy development

Adoptive cell therapy has demonstrated effective clinical results in various types of cancer, leading to increased efforts in developing new drugs. However, the current manufacturing process using conventional tools is complex and often yields impure products, contributing to the high cost of cell therapy and limiting patient access. Both industry and academic cell therapy developers are striving to enhance the manufacturing process to improve efficiency and reduce costs. One crucial step in cell manufacturing is cell selection using magnetic bead antibody conjugates, which is either the initial isolation of T cells for gene modification or the final depletion of specific T cell subtypes in allogenic transplantation. Therefore, a fast and efficient magnetic cell separation system has been in demand. We have designed an automated closed system called MARS® BAR, which utilizes Applied Cells’ proprietary column-free and matrix-free magnetic cell separation technology. This system can handle diverse cell sources without requiring cell washing before or after labeling, simplifying the cell selection workflow. The MARS® BAR system has no capacity limitations and can be easily scaled down or up, making it suitable for both autologous and allogenic cell therapy manufacturing.


This poster was presented at ISCT2023 in Paris.

ISCT2023 poster showcasing simple magnetic cell separation enabled by MARS Bar for both autologous and allogenic cell therapy development.