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Novel Multiphysics Cell Separation Platforms for Cell Therapy Development

In the past twenty years, cell therapy has made great success in treating patients and enormous efforts have been devoted to developing new drugs as well as improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes. New technological solutions with flexibility and scalability are desired to support the promise of cell-based therapy. MARS Cell Separation Platforms incorporate innovations in multiple cell separation technologies to provide solutions for cell therapy manufacturing challenges. MARS® platform offers a column-free in-flow magnetic cell separation technology, which allows a specific selection of cells based on their surface markers. The separation process is done in a closed fluidic path in a fully automated fashion and has no capacity limit. The MARS® active acoustic cell separation uses an acoustic standing wave established in a microfluidic chip to move cells in or out of their fluidic stream to achieve cell washing and concentration automatically. Here we present a few use cases of MARS® technologies to demonstrate the unique capability in cell separation.

ISCT2023 poster showcasing simple magnetic cell separation enabled by MARS Bar for both autologous and allogenic cell therapy development.