MARS® MAG Premium Line

MARS® MAG Premium Line is a family of cell separation reagent kits launched in collaboration with STEMCELL Technologies. These reagents have been shown to enable fast and easy isolation of many cell types, including granulocytes, NK cells, and plasma cells. With protocols optimized for the MARS instruments, the kits provide an integrated cell isolation solution. This is especially […]

MARS® Ingenuity™ Line of Reagents brochure

MARS® Ingenuity™ Line is a family of cell isolation reagent kits aiming to deliver combined solutions for cell therapy drug development worldwide. The kits include research and cGMP-grade reagents for fast and easy cell isolation supporting the development of CAR-T and other Cell Therapy products on the MARS® Platform. Our perfected, antigen-specific paramagnetic nanoparticles are […]

B cell isolation with MARS® Platform

Immunotherapy requires purified cells for a variety of experimental needs. For patients with protein deficiencies for whom gene therapy is not an option, B cells provide an excellent factory for producing immunoglobulin in lymphocytes or plasma cells. x`Obtaining a large number of B cells requires a cell isolation solution for both pre-clinical testing on a […]

MARS® MAG Line of Reagents

MARS® MAG Line is a family of reagents that use anti-PE Magnetic Nanobeads to capture PE-labeled subpopulations of white blood cells. The reagents have been shown to enable fast and easy isolation of T cells, B cells, Monocytes, Neutrophiles, Rare Cells, MRDs, DTCs, and many others. Developed exclusively for the MARS instrument MAG modules, together […]