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Cyto 2020 Winner
MARS Won Best New Technology for 2020!

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Debris Removal and Sample Prep for Downstream Analysis

Tumor Biology

Oncology, rare cells, biomarkers

Cell Therapy

Sample prep PLUS cell selection, immune cells, +/- selection

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Applied Cells, Inc., was founded to create revolutionary solution to complete the workflow of cell separation and enrichment products, which increase cell separation efficiently by fundamentally changing how physics is employed in the process. We are helping in battles against cancer by providing tools that are not only capable of isolating rarest cancer cells, but also capable of extracting highest quality immune cells to achieve better cell therapy outcome. Our proprietary methods present a unique advantage in enrichment of target cells, including tumor cells and immune cells, from whole blood and from tissues, with high recovery, high purity and high reproducibility (3H). Our products are valuable alternatives for cell therapy and clinical labs to achieve SOP through full automation and programmable process flow.  Save a life, Save the world.

3H with MARS – High Recovery, High Purity and High Reproducibility

The “one-stop” modular solution for complete cell isolation and separation from complex samples. MARS novel modular design uses active-microfluidic acoustics and magnetic separation technologies to isolate targeted cells from whole blood, apheresis, and bone marrow samples. From rare cells to T-cells, the MARS system can isolate targeted cells with high recovery, high purity, and high reproducibility (3H). 

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MARS Cell Separation
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