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Applied Cells Opens the CellQuest Grant to Advance Multiple Myeloma Research

We’re delighted to share the launch of the CellQuest Grant for clinical research scientists specializing in multiple myeloma and cell therapy development. This initiative, open until mid-November 2023, grants the winning researcher access to the MARS® Bar cell separation system for six months. Additionally, the package comes complete with essential reagents, training, and expert assistance.

Our goal? To empower groundbreaking research with the best in cell separation tech, pushing the boundaries of our knowledge on multiple myeloma and advancing the battle against this disease.

The award provides an unmatched opportunity to use the MARS® Bar platform, renowned for its automated immunomagnetic separation that ensures high recovery, purity, and reproducibility of target cells. Winners will enjoy a half-year placement of the MARS® Bar, a supply of cell isolation essentials, exhaustive training, application development backing, and continued support from a devoted application scientist.

We’re inviting researchers worldwide to present proposals in the following research categories:

• Deciphering the disease: exploring the microenvironment of bone marrow in multiple myeloma.
• Focusing on diagnostics: understanding circulating tumor cells in multiple myeloma.
• Advancing treatment: tailored approaches for multiple myeloma therapy.
• Improving cell therapy: improving protocols for cell-based interventions for multiple myeloma.


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Kat Ginda-Mäkelä