Simple magnetic cell separation enabled by an automated, closed system for both autologous and allogenic cell therapy development

INTRODUCTION Adoptive cell therapy has demonstrated effective clinical results in various types of cancer, leading to increased efforts in developing new drugs. However, the current manufacturing process using conventional tools is complex and often yields impure products, contributing to the high cost of cell therapy and limiting patient access. Both industry and academic cell therapy […]

MARS® MAG Premium Line

MARS® MAG Premium Line is a family of cell separation reagent kits launched in collaboration with STEMCELL Technologies. These reagents have been shown to enable fast and easy isolation of many cell types, including granulocytes, NK cells, and plasma cells. With protocols optimized for the MARS instruments, the kits provide an integrated cell isolation solution. This is especially […]

MARS® Ingenuity™ Line of Reagents brochure

MARS® Ingenuity™ Line is a family of cell isolation reagent kits aiming to deliver combined solutions for cell therapy drug development worldwide. The kits include research and cGMP-grade reagents for fast and easy cell isolation supporting the development of CAR-T and other Cell Therapy products on the MARS® Platform. Our perfected, antigen-specific paramagnetic nanoparticles are […]

Novel Multiphysics Cell Separation Platforms for Cell Therapy Development

INTRODUCTION In the past twenty years, cell therapy has made great success in treating patients and enormous efforts have been devoted to developing new drugs as well as improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes. New technological solutions with flexibility and scalability are desired to support the promise of cell-based therapy. MARS Cell Separation Platforms incorporate […]

MARS CS: Cell Separation

The Best of Our Technologies Integrated label-free sample preparation, concentration and immuno-magnetic cell selection provide users the flexibility necessary for robust assay optimization. With no need for centrifugation, the cells are treated gently and their viability and physiology remain unaltered.