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Applied Cells Inc. enters Collaborative Marketing Agreement with S2 Genomics Inc. to Provide a Powerful Tumor Biology Solution in Tissue Sample Preparation.

Processing solid tissue samples continues to be a major challenge to the field of Tumor Biology. Current methods are long, laborious, and harsh on fragile tumor tissue sample. Enabling a fast, gentle process can ensure precious tumor samples maintain their true tumor structure and content.

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Applied Cells, a leading provider of cell preparation and isolation solutions for tumor biology research, today announced a joint marketing agreement with S2 Genomics to further the field of tumor biology.  The joint program leverages S2 Genomics’ Proprietary Singulator™ 100 System for dissociation of solid tissue into cell and nuclei suspensions integrated with Applied Cells’ proprietary MARS® Acoustics and Magnetic technologies to provide a complete workflow for tissue sample preparation.  The automated Singulator gently processes a wide range of tissue types.  Once dissociated, the MARS system provides a fast process for debris removal resulting in high purity, high recovery of single cells or nuclei for downstream analytics such as single cell sequencing, flow and image cytometry.  The combined power of the platforms ensures fast, gentle processing of precious tissue samples that maintain healthy, non-exhausted cellular structures.

We are committed to bringing a total solution approach to our customers,” said Janette Phi, CCO of Applied Cells. “Our joint marketing with S2 Genomics provides a powerful combination of Singulator and MARS solutions to the field of tumor biology.”

S2 Genomics is focused on facilitating scientific discovery by providing advanced tools and automated workflows to our customers. Generating highly purified suspensions of cells or nuclei is essential for obtaining high quality single cell genomics or flow cytometry data. We are excited to partner with Applied Cells to deliver superior workflow solutions to our customers.

About S2 Genomics, Inc.

A leading developer of laboratory automation solutions for processing solid tissues for single-cell applications since 2016.   Our technology platforms integrate advanced fluidics, optics, and biochemistry to produce automated sample preparation solutions for single-cell sequencing and cell biology markets, enabling discovery and innovation in life science research, healthcare, and agriculture. Visit

About Applied Cells

Applied Cells was founded to create revolutionary cell separation and enrichment products, which can increase cell separation efficiency by fundamentally changing how physics is employed in the process. Applied Cells commits in battles against cancer by providing tools that are not only capable of isolating rarest cancer cells, but also capable of extracting highest quality immune cells to achieve better cell therapy outcome, while for a fraction of current market costs to enable broader access.  MARS is a registered trademark of Applied Cells.


Janette Phi
Applied Cells Inc.

John Bashkin
S2 Genomics, Inc.