Simple magnetic cell separation enabled by an automated, closed system for both autologous and allogenic cell therapy development

INTRODUCTION Adoptive cell therapy has demonstrated effective clinical results in various types of cancer, leading to increased efforts in developing new drugs. However, the current manufacturing process using conventional tools is complex and often yields impure products, contributing to the high cost of cell therapy and limiting patient access. Both industry and academic cell therapy […]

通过无柱免疫细胞磁分选工作流程从 TCR α/ß+中分离TCR γ/δ+

近年来 T 细胞受体 (TCR) 细胞疗法因其为癌症和感染性疾病提供一系列可能性的治疗而获得广泛关注。由于γδ T细胞被视为对癌症免疫治疗颇有潜力的区域细胞,基于γδ T细胞的新型免疫疗法正在被大力开发。尽管TCR疗法在研发、生产及临床应用等领域已经取得重大进展,但 TCR细胞疗法的开发在功效及安全性方面仍然面临很多挑战。 MARS® 平台为优化和扩大 γδ T细胞的研发和生产提供了一种简单而又全新的方法和工具,可以帮助TCR 疗法最大化的发挥临床潜力。

TCR γ/δ+ separation from TCR α/ß+ with MARS® Bar

In recent years T cell receptor (TCR) cell therapy has gained popularity due to a range of possible treatments for cancer and some infectious diseases it could provide. Since γδ T-cells constitute promising effector cell compartments for cancer immunotherapy, novel γδ T-cell-based immunotherapies are being developed. Although advancements in TCR engineering, manufacturing, and clinical applications have led to […]

通过MARS®平台分选 CD3- CD56+ NK 细胞


CD3- CD56+ NK Cell Selection with MARS® Platform

NK cells are currently a major target of innovation in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Efforts aimed at developing and engineering NK cell-based cancer immunotherapy require clean and efficient methods of cell isolation at both small and large scales. The new MARS® Bar system enables a new generation of large scale, magnetic CD56+/CD3- cell isolation […]

Multiphysics innovation for high speed, high recovery, and high viability automated cell separation

INTRODUCTION Tumor biology, immunology, and immune-oncology from multi-omics at the single cell level have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in recent years, with a major contribution of such speedup from new technologies and products bursting into the market. New technological solutions also contributed deterministically to the promise of cell-based therapy. However, conventional cell separation tools, such […]

Novel Multiphysics Cell Separation Platforms for Cell Therapy Development

INTRODUCTION In the past twenty years, cell therapy has made great success in treating patients and enormous efforts have been devoted to developing new drugs as well as improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes. New technological solutions with flexibility and scalability are desired to support the promise of cell-based therapy. MARS Cell Separation Platforms incorporate […]

NK cell isolation with MARS® Platform

Over the last years, NK cells have gained significant attention in the field of cancer immunotherapy and many efforts are emerging for developing and engineering NK cell-based cancer immunotherapy. Obtaining a large quantity of NK cells requires a democratized cell isolation solution for both pre-clinical and clinical applications. The new MARS Bar system enables a […]